Place Intelligence and Hassell Studio Strategic Alliance

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

As part of our effort to enable the creation of sustainable cities at the critical moment in human history, we have entered into a strategic alliance with globally acclaimed Hassell Studio.

Big Data for Big Projects

Place Intelligence and globally recognised built environment leaders Hassell have signed a strategic partnership to work closely together on the built environment.

Both firms have extensive experience in working on city shaping projects and share a deep interest in solving complex urban issues. This experience, coupled with proprietary processes to capture and analyse big data on place usage, is increasingly useful for government, developers and architects in better understanding their audience.

Ultimately this helps create people-focused places that are both liveable and loveable.

Hassell and Place Intelligence are supporting each other in the development of advanced urban analytics capability for use on a wide range of projects across a variety of sectors and regions. This capability will generate powerful insights to inform place-led investment and design in our cities.

Hassell CEO, Gerard Corcoran said the partnership is a perfect fit for the firm’s already strong research, strategy and experience design capabilities.

Read More about the alliance here:

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