Who are we?


We don’t look like an architecture studio, but we believe in human centred design. We don’t look like a construction firm, but we build cities. We don’t look like a tech startup, but we’re innovators. We don’t look like a research company, but we’re deep in big data. We don’t look like an urban planning agency, but we develop thriving communities. We don’t look like a psychologist’s practice, but we are experts in interpreting human behaviour. We don’t look like a design studio, but we are organisers of information.

We are something new.


We balance big data with human centred insights, thriving cities with community building, the built environment with human stories, networks with relationships, and place-making with storytelling.


We are a balance of analysis and empathy.

Interested in connecting with our team? Contact us and we will connect you to one of our sector leads.

- Data Science, Quality and Assurance

- Transport Planning, Infrastructure & Movement  Simulation

- Urban Analytics and Place

- Social Sciences, Audiences & Sentiment 

- Economics


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Place Intelligence
Studio 5 / 14 Kendall Lane
Acton ACT 2601

ABN: 70 173 019 697

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Acknowledgment of Country 

The land on which we live and work is aboriginal land. Aboriginal people have lived on the Australian continent for at least 65,000 years. Non-aboriginal people have lived in Australia for just 230 years.

As a practice, we are working towards an understanding of that fact, and how it might inform our relationship to the land, its original people, and the work that we do. We acknowledge that we have a long way to go.  Our studio is located on Ngunnawal land in Canberra.