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We help cities create people centric places

What we can do for you

At Place Intelligence, we uncover the human insights within big data to help government, developers and designers create and invest in people-centric places.


We make it simple for our clients to understand their community – our on-demand analysis provides powerful insights on audiences, uncovering commercial potential, highlighting spatial activity and discovering the magnetism of community.


We operate in the world of city-making by understanding People, Place and Planet for the benefit of all citizens seeking a better future. 

We generate insights that focus on the intersection of:



We uncover attitudinal, attribute and demographic information to help clients develop planning and city making decisions that reflect their communities’ needs and aspirations. We gain powerful insights into community behaviour and profile to support informed strategies that reflect local conditions.



We show our clients how many people visited their neighbourhood, how they got there, and how long they stayed, so they can appreciate the attractions that drive community development. We discover activity hotspots and place use patterns within communities mapped across time.



We dive into the commerce and trade potential of our client’s communities by uncovering critical detail on economic and retail performance. We see the economic potential of their community so they can make informed decisions on best suited property investment and retailing opportunities.



We map the offerings within cities to identify why audiences visit and help our clients make informed development decisions that reflect community values, gaining insights on the magnetic attractiveness of spaces and places within local communities.


Our Research Focus

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We integrate contemporary urban strategy and global best practice place principles to improve the urban environment, including how it is designed and managed over time. 

At Place Intelligence we use advanced analytical methods combined  with predictive modelling tools to  blend human insights with data backed evidence to support decision making.


Our partners in city shaping

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